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Colombian Excelso EP Huila/Medelin Rainforest Alliance

From the foothills of the Andes, these high altitude Colombian Excelso beans are sourced from some of the country's best co-operative farms. The roast is just darker than medium which gives a rich and nutty taste with a hint of fruit. A smooth, rich coffee that's well balanced and full bodied. Good to drink at any time of the day.


Ethiopian Limu

From our cupping (taste test) we describe this as, 'sweet, vibrant and winey with floral notes'. It has low acidity and yet sharp at the same time. This is a strong, dark and smooth coffee, with an aroma of chocolate and nut. perfect for after dinner, either black, or with a little milk.


Peru Chanchamayo (Organic)

Peru's finest premium gourmet coffee. Organic Chanchamayo is smooth, sweet and well-balanced, with nutty and chocolate tones.


Cuban Serrano Lavada

A superb rich and traditional full bodied coffee -   With a great Mocha hit and little or no acidity/fruitiness you can savour the nuttiness of this coffee and a background smokeyness that can be attributed to sandlewood or tobacco. Either way this makes a divine espresso or a great morning coffee.


Cuban coffee is typically clean tasting and medium/full bodied with a lush smoky flavour. The famous "Altura" quality grows in the Sierra Maestra region and is named in the honour of the highest mountain peak of Cuba.

 Since the lifting of trade restrictions, Cuba is growing again in the world of coffee producing countries. This Cuban Serrano Lavada coffee is amongst one of the best examples. Fully roasted, it brings flavours of oak smoke, dark currants and ripe fruit. A full bodied and rounded coffee.


MM comment: Short and black, or with milk or cream added, this coffee gives the idea of a late night Cuban jazz club! 


Brazilian Ipanema Estate (Santa Rosa Farm)

This gourmet single estate coffee is made from 100%Yellow Catuai beans Medium roast, they produce smooth caramel and cream flavour. Simply superb.


Brazilian Ipanema Yellow Bourbon 

A quality gourmet coffee from the Ipanema estate in Brazil. This coffee is made from 100% Yellow Bourbon beans. Medium roasted they produce a deep, smooth caramel and irish cream flavour. Superb for luxury cappuccinos and lattes.


Guatemala SHB Bojangles

This coffee is produced by smallholders in the volcanic areas of Guatemala.
SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) denotes the highest quality, from soils rich in minerals.
A fully roasted coffee with a sweet and soft fruity taste. A satisfying combination of a medium body and low acidity. 


Honduran Marcala

 This coffee is from COMSA, a 641 member organic co-op in La Paz. At between 1300 and 1700 metres above sea level, Bourbon, Typica, Catuai and Caturra varieties are grown. Medium to full roast creates tasting notes of cacao nibs, and syrupy caramel. The bitterness emerges in espresso, the caramel comes to the fore in milk coffees.

MM comment: This innovative organic co-op uses profits to provide school meals, and is also increasing the role of women within their organisation.


Decaffeinated Mexican

This new variety, premium decaffeinated coffee, is produced using the Mountain Water method. This method avoids the use of harmful chemicals to extract the caffeine, creating a clean tasting, full flavoured coffee. It is specially roasted to bring out its strength and depth.


Java Ijen Mountain (Organic)

These premium beans are grow on the Ijen Plateau, above the jungle of eastern Java, at an altitude of more than 1,400 metres. A distinctive, clean and thick tasting coffee with a spicy, smoky body and medium acidity. Specially dark roasted to produce a strong coffee. Not for the faint hearted! 


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